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Heather Stone

Heather Stone is a nursing student at Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois, specializing in pediatrics. She wrote DAUGHTERS GONE WILD, DADS GONE CRAZY with her father Charles, who is the senior pastor of Ginger Creek Community Church, a church of over 1,000 attendees in the Chicago suburbs.

Heather Stone Answers The Faithful Fifteen

April 2005

In this interview Heather talks about her relationship with God, her prayer habits, and how one of her best friends got saved. What kind of testimony to your faith are you demonstrating in this book? Is your goal to demonstrate your faith in your writing?

Heather Stone: My life experiences included in this book are a testament to God's grace and the fact that He didn't require my faith to protect me. And that's unconditional love.

FR: When did you come to a saving knowledge of Jesus? Where are you today in your walk? How is your faith an important part of what you do?

HS: I believe that I was saved at 5 years old, but that I strayed for a long time. Today, my relationship with God is extremely important to me. It's hard, though --- sometimes I'm very up and down and my will gets the best of me, but God always brings me back. The only reason I wrote this book was to give help and hope to others in the same situation.

FR: Tell us about your church experiences --- how you grew up (or maybe didn't grow up) in the church, where you attend now, your involvement in your local assembly, etc.

HS: My dad is a pastor, so I grew up in the church until I rebelled at 13. For several years, I either didn't go or went sporadically. But now, I'm very involved --- I started a 20s ministry, I teach a 3rd grade Sunday school class, and I lead a small group.

FR: Tell us about your current church family/fellowship. How does it influence your work?

HS: I love our church. I just feel so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome people. And ... I don't technically have a "real" job. I'm still in college :)

FR: Who are your spiritual mentors? Your professional mentors?

HS: Spiritual --- Maria Lohse. And I don't yet have any professional mentors because I am not a "professional." I'm still a student :)

FR: Discuss your calling/mission --- as a writer and as a Christian.

HS: I feel called to share my story and to share what God has done in my life. And as far as being a writer goes, I am a nursing student. But as long as God hands me opportunities to write, I will keep on writing.

FR: What are your Scripture reading habits?

HS: I like to read the chapter of Proverbs a day that corresponds with the date (i.e. Proverbs 27 for April 27), and now I'm working on Matthew. I like to read a little bit at a time, then write down observations and truths that stick out to me.

FR: What books have most influenced your work?

HS: One of my favorites of all time is THE RAGAMUFFIN GOSPEL by Brennan Manning. And to be honest, I don't really pattern the way I write after any certain person. I just write from the heart and do my best to communicate as clearly as possible to my audience.

FR: Do you read secular fiction at all? If so, who are your favorite authors and why?

HS: I love the book BY GRAND CENTRAL STATION I SAT DOWN AND WEPT. I also like classics and sometimes philosophy.

FR: What are your other media habits --- television, movies, music, etc.?

HS: I love going to shows (live music), movies, etc. My guilty pleasure is "The O.C."

FR: Do you and your family have any special faith-based traditions?

HS: My whole family is very involved in ministry at our church.

FR: Tell us about your prayer life and habits.

HS: I talk to God like He's a friend. I also like to pray while I'm driving. My mind doesn't really ever slow down, but driving gives me something to focus on that doesn't require so much attention that I can't pray.

FR: Describe what you believe the role of writing in religion is.

HS: I think that writing is one of the most effective and long-lasting means of communication to help people connect with God.

FR: Tell us about one or more of your favorite encounters with readers.

HS: My favorite encounters with readers are the ones where they approach me, tears in their eyes, and simply say, "Thank you." That makes the work completely worth it.

FR: Would you share a story about someone you've brought to Christ or share how your writing has helped someone come to Christ.

HS: Most recently, one of my best friends got saved. It took months of asking him to come to church, asking him to come to 20s group events, and witnessing. I felt it all was in vain until one night on the phone. We were talking and I said, kind of jokingly, "Well, God is telling you that you need to get saved, then!" (I always told him that, so he was used to it). And he asked, "Well, what does that mean?" So I explained it to him for what seemed like the millionth time, and he said, "Oh. I did that last night." It was so surreal. After months of praying, talking, and inviting, he finally did it, and all on his own. It just showed me that God will have His way no matter what. My friend is doing awesome now, really growing and learning at an incredible pace. I'm so proud of him.

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DAUGHTERS GONE WILD, DADS GONE CRAZY: Battle-Tested Tips From a Father and Daughter Who Survived the Teenage Years
Heather Stone & Charles Stone
W Publishing Group
ISBN: 084990434X
(April 2005)

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