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Books by
Paul Swets



Paul Swets


Paul W. Swets is a pastor, speaker, and business owner. Majoring in psychology at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, he developed a special interest in interpersonal communication. He won first place in the state oratorical contest in Michigan and placed fifth in the nation. At the University of Michigan, he earned a Doctor of Arts degree in English with a research focus in rhetoric, the study of effective communication.

Dr. Swets’ first book, THE ART OF TALKING SO THAT PEOPL WILL LISTEN, published by Simon & Schuster, has sold over 125,000 copies and is translated into Korean and Hindi. His second book, THE ART OF TALKING WITH YOUR TEENAGER (Adams Media), has been translated into Korean and Turkish. Paul’s son, Judson, served as a primary resource during the writing of the book and wrote the last chapter based on a survey of 800 teenagers.

Dr. Swets’ newest book, DREAMING BIG, is co-authored with Bobb Biehl, an executive coach and mentor. He is thrilled to team up with Biehl for this project. “Bobb is a wise man, the author of numerous business books, and has a proven record in helping business leaders and individuals plan for the future,” said Swets. “He helps people clear the fog of confusion and discover, with clarity, what they really want. It was natural for us to develop his concept of a Life Dream.”

Paul Swets is the husband of Janiece and the father of two young adults, Judson and Jessica. He lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

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