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Jordan Rubin


Jordan Rubin, N.M.D., C.N.C., is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, a Certified Nutritional Consultant and a member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He also has a Ph.D. from the Academy of Natural Therapies. Now 28 years old, Jordan is articulate, compassionate and in peak physical health. To look at him today, you would never know that just a few years ago he literally stood at death's door with an incurable disease.

In 1994 at 19 years old and standing 6' 1" tall, Jordan's weight fell from 180 lbs. to a shocking 104 lbs. in a matter of months. As his immune system began to break down, he suffered from a list of debilitating conditions: intestinal parasites, severe candida (fungal infection), extreme anemia, food allergies, diabetes, excruciating abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, poor circulation, liver problems, chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, insomnia, hair loss, prostate and bladder infections, irregular heartbeat, eye inflammation and chronic depression. Both conventional and alternative medicines failed him, and after two years of working with 70 health professionals in seven countries, and trying more than 500 different – and often bizarre – treatments, he was sent home in a wheelchair to die.

Jordan fought his way back to vibrant health through determination and a refusal to "give in" to his disease, and his story is a true testament to the power of his faith in God. He founded Garden of Life in 2000 to share the knowledge he gained from his experiences, and to help others avoid the hopelessness of facing incurable illness. In the seven years since his recovery, he has shown no symptoms of the disease that nearly took his life.

Jordan can now add author to his credits with three books: PATIENT HEAL THYSELF: A Remarkable Health Program Combining Ancient Wisdom with Groundbreaking Clinical Research (Jan 2003, Freedom Press), RESTORING YOUR DIGESTIVE HEALTH: How the Guts and Glory Program Can Transform Your Life (May 2003, Kensington Publishing), and THE MAKER'S DIET: The 40 Day Health Experience That Will Change Your Life Forever (April 2004, Siloam). He lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with his wife Nicki.

© Copyright 2017, All rights reserved.

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May 2004

Chris Fabry, host of the radio program "First Edition," interviews Jordan Rubin, author of THE MAKER'S DIET. Rubin is a doctor of naturopathic medicine, a certified nutritional consultant and a member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine. After winning his battle with Crohn's colitis, a disease that initially was diagnosed as incurable for him, Jordan has devoted his life to developing solutions to help those who suffer as he did by educating on ways to naturally and nutritionally overcome challenges. In this conversation he describes the six key steps to living a happy and healthy life.

FABRY: Jordan was diagnosed with a debilitating and life-threatening disease, and he tried everything. His search for better health took him back to the Bible, of all places. In fact, in the introduction to his new book, THE MAKER'S DIET, Dr. Charles Stanley writes, "When I was first presented with the manuscript for this book, I couldn't put it down. I'd been praying for over a year that God would show me a health plan that was based on the Bible and proven by science. THE MAKER'S DIET is just that." It's been on the New York Times Bestseller List for more than a month now.

RUBIN: I am privileged to be sharing a message that is so near and dear to me. My life was literally created for this, and it's such a great opportunity for me, not only to have my life back, but to have a life that is filled with purpose and to know every morning that I can wake up and contribute life-changing information to everyone whom I come in contact with.

FABRY: Well, Dr. Stanley goes on to write that he's personally been following THE MAKER'S DIET, and that he noticed an immediate improvement in his own health. He says that he's never felt better. To my surprise, Dr. Stanley writes, "The food is absolutely wonderful. In fact, Jordan, his wife Nicki, and I have enjoyed some of the most delicious and healthy meals I've ever eaten." Today, we want to talk about the six keys to unlock your health potential. We're going to run the gamut. So, get a pencil and piece of paper out, and let's dive into this. First of all, Jordan, it must be gratifying to know that Dr. Stanley has been changed by this.

RUBIN: It was such an honor for me to meet Dr. Stanley on his cruise with his ministry In Touch. I presented him the manuscript, and I didn't realize that he was passionate about health. When he read this, he was really touched, and he called me at my home. My wife Nicki and I went to his home. We went shopping together, we cooked together, we prayed and fellowshipped together, and he has been a true mentor to me. Probably, Charles Stanley's guiding principle and favorite phrase is "trust God and He'll take care of the rest." He's been such a blessing to me, and to everyone who's had a chance to hear him on radio and television, and to know him. He is truly an example of a life that's been wholly consecrated to God.

FABRY: Let's go to that first key to unlock your health potential. I have a feeling this is going to have something to do with food.

RUBIN: When I looked at health, I looked at a lot of the plans that were out there. There are very many popular diets. They all seemed to focus in a very narrow way on one thing. Health is not just about one thing. Health involves the whole being --- physically, spiritually and emotionally. I was able to distill the four pillars of health --- physical, spiritual, mental and emotional --- into six keys, six keys that if I can hand them to listeners, they can unlock their health potential.

The first key is to eat a healthy diet. Now, this is easier said than done, because one day we hear one thing's healthy and the next day, it'll kill us. Media tells us one thing this week; it's something different next week. Nutritionists are arguing with doctors. Doctors are arguing with nurses. We just don't know what to do. But, you know what? I believe that it's time to receive the Great Physician's prescription, and when it comes to eating, there are two qualifications for anything that I will put in my mouth. Number 1: Did God create it for food? Throughout history, God has shown us that certain things were created for food, and certain things were created for other reasons, like to clean up waste in the environment, to function in other ways on this earth but not to be eaten. Today, most of the things that people eat are not even food. So, what is your definition of food? Eat what God created as food. Number 2: How have we changed it from the way that God intended? In other words, we should not alter God's design. God created food to be eaten in a certain form and prepared in a certain way. But, we have taken that food and overly processed it, and added chemicals and all kinds of things that contribute to ill health. So, we need to eat what God created for food, and we need to eat foods in the form that He created them to be consumed. That is the first key to health.

I want to say this because many people I'm sure are asking, "Well, what is this? Do I have to eat twigs and berries my whole life? Do I never get to eat anything good?" Here's what I believe about health and how God created food. There are foods --- red meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables --- and there are beverages and sweeteners. They are all created for food, but in the form that God created them. So, people going on the Maker's Diet are going to be able to eat wonderful foods, and they are going to rebuild their bodies, because what you eat today is who you are tomorrow. The first key that will unlock your health potential is to eat a healthy diet according to God.

FABRY: The first key, then, is to eat a healthy diet. The second is to supplement that diet.

RUBIN: Today, it is nearly impossible, even if we eat the bounty that God provides, to consume all of the nutrients we need with our hectic lifestyles. A lot of people take supplements. In fact, 70% of the population takes vitamins, minerals or herbs. But I believe that if God created food for us to eat to rebuild our bodies, why not supplement our healthy diet with whole food nutritional supplements? A cornerstone of the Maker's Diet is understanding that if you supplement, which I recommend that everybody does, supplement with whole food nutritional products. Supplement with things that are created as food, put into a convenient form that allows you to integrate it into your lives in a convenient way anywhere you are. That means that people can get their green vegetables. They can get their omega-3 fats. They can get their vitamins and minerals in a form that the body can utilize and understand what to do with it. Many of the vitamins and minerals that people think are natural are made in the same factories, the same warehouses, that pharmaceuticals, the drugs, are made. They are chemicals. They may look like vitamins that are found in foods, but they're not the same thing. Vitamin C as we know it is called ascorbic acid. That is not the same as what you find in an orange. I believe that you eat a healthy diet, what God created for food, and in a form that He created it, and the second key is you supplement that diet with whole food nutritional supplements. In THE MAKER'S DIET, I explain what supplements, where to find them and how they can impact your life in a positive way.

FABRY: You've told us to (Number 1) eat a healthy diet, and (Number 2) supplement your diet with whole food nutrition. Now, let's go to Number 3.

RUBIN: Thousands of years ago, when God through Moses gave the Israelites their laws, their code of life, He gave them moral laws --- how to live and relate to one another. He gave them dietary laws that we've talked about. This is food; this isn't food. This will make you healthy; this will make you sick. I'm doing this to make you a separate, peculiar people. We know, by history, that they were the healthiest people on the planet at the time, so much healthier than the surrounding nations that many people converted to Judaism to follow the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob because of their vitality. Now, one thing that He handed them was a hygienic code, or law. Today, we think of hygiene as toothpaste, deodorant and perfume. But the hygiene that God talked about, before the germ theory, was a way to prevent illness from spreading and causing death among the Israelites. It was such a sophisticated hygienic plan that we haven't caught up to it, even today. We finally started listening to it around the time of the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages, and we avoided deaths of millions. What is interesting is that the Israelites who learned this hygienic law, this hygienic principle, were able, as they kept it throughout history, to avoid plagues and illnesses.

Today, in THE MAKER'S DIET, I reveal a way that every man, woman and child can practice this advanced hygiene in their home, twice a day, three minutes a day, to help to germ-proof their body and strengthen their immune system. Do you know that the average individual has nearly six upper respiratory infections a year? This is causing ill health. It's causing lost days of work, and it's costing a lot of money. It's costing us precious health and increased aging, advanced aging.

So, what do we do about this? What is advanced hygiene? Advanced hygiene is a way to prevent germs and toxins from entering our bodies in the key points or locations that we're susceptible: Number 1, the hands and the fingernails; Number 2, the nose; and Number 3, the eyes, the ears and the mouth. It's pretty interesting, but they did some research and showed that people touch their eyes, nose and other parts of the body with their fingers 12,000 times a year. That's during the day and that's at night. It's unconscious. Now, if you start to trace where you touch your hands during the day and whose hand you've shaken and whose hand they shook two days ago in another country --- if we traced back and saw the microscopic world and all the germs that are everywhere, in the air and on our bodies and on everything we touch, we wouldn't even be able to leave the house. But, the good news is that a germ is not going to be like an atomic bomb, where one germ is going to attack your body. It's the over-accumulation of germs and toxins that make you sick and contribute to advanced aging.

I show you a way to wash your hands, wash your eyes and your nose, and cleanse your ear canal and your mouth that can prevent most germs that enter your body. In fact, 95% of the germs on your hands are underneath your fingernails. Statistics show that people are sloppy today. Only 24% of men wash their hands after using public restrooms. And we're shaking these people's hands and touching our eyes, and we are spreading germs that, ultimately, weaken our bodies. Advanced hygiene can stop the vicious cycle, and in THE MAKER'S DIET, we show you how. It helps parents stay healthy. It helps children in nursery schools and preschools stay healthy. It stops the spread of disease, and, better than any of that, it was God's plan all along.

FABRY: All right. That's the third key. What is the fourth?

RUBIN: The fourth key that will unlock your health potential is to condition your body with exercise and body therapies. In America today, we are the fattest nation in the world --- 60% overweight. Nearly 30% obese. This is epidemic. Nearly 30% of children are going to have diabetes before they're 10 years old. We are in major trouble. However, we all in this country seem to have a gym membership or exercise equipment. The gym membership has either expired, or we forget about it by the third week of January. The gym equipment is relegated to being a place to hang the semi-dry clothes out of the dryer. I know all of you out there are laughing, but it's the truth. How many of us do that? Now, we don't exercise for a number of reasons: "It takes too long." "I don't want to go to the gym the way I look." "It's too much work." "I don't have the time."

I am introducing an exercise plan in THE MAKER'S DIET called functional fitness that is a way that God intended for us to move. We're training movements, not muscles. We're teaching you, whether you're three years old or ninety years old or a professional athlete, how to exercise for life. I believe that every person who reads THE MAKER'S DIET and goes on the 40-day health experience can benefit from functional fitness and the exercise plan that is similar to the way that God designed our body to work. It is excellent. It not only doesn't take much time, but it gives you more time during the day. Exercise is so important. Without it, you are missing the boat.

I also talk about things such as hydrotherapy, using water for healing. We talk about wonderful things such as getting sunlight. Yes, getting sunlight is healthy; we need to get out in the sun. It helps with everything from our bones to our skin to our mood. We talk about sleep. On the Maker's Diet, we recommend you go to bed before 10:30 every night. Research has shown it's not about HOW LONG you sleep; it's WHEN you sleep. God designed our bodies to function symbiotically with the rotational axis of the earth. People in the Bible went to bed shortly after the sun set and woke up when it rose. Today, we need to get closer to that so that our bodies can function properly. One researcher believes that every minute you sleep before midnight is worth up to four times that afterwards. In addition to getting sun and to getting sleep and to exercising and hydrotheraphy, we talk about the importance of fasting. We recommend every week that people do at least a partial fast for 18-20 hours, and that is how you condition your body with exercise and body therapies, and it's the fourth key to unlock your health potential.

FABRY: Now, the fifth key, Jordan.

RUBIN: The fifth key to unlock your health potential is to reduce toxins in your environment. Now, notice I'm not saying THE environment; I'm talking about YOUR environment. Every one of us breathes in air. We drink and we use water for bathing. We put things on our skin and on our hair and in our mouths and we brush our teeth. All of these things contribute to the health of our environment. Many of us breathe in re-circulated air with lots of germs in it. We go from our air-conditioned home to our air-conditioned car, drive to our air-conditioned office and then we drive back. We don't ever spend time outside, and we're breathing air that is toxic, with a home and an office that have been built with toxic materials. Now, I know that I'm scaring the heck out of people, but I want to say this. Try to consider a way either to spend more time outside, or get an inexpensive air purification system to balance the quality of the air. So, we want to improve our air quality.

Then, we want to improve our water quality. Many of us know that by drinking tap water, we are ingesting chlorine. And chlorine is actually a potent toxin. It hurts your immune system, your digestive tract, and it creates oxidative stress, or it helps you age faster, which nobody wants. We may already be drinking bottled water. We may know that we are supposed to avoid chlorinated water, but yet, every day for 10-15 minutes, we go into a hot shower, and we get the equivalent of 8-16 glasses of chlorinated water into our skin, which is the most absorbent organ. What's the solution? We purify our tap water, and we purify our shower, with an inexpensive shower filter that can reduce the toxic burden.

Something else we do every day is brush our teeth, shampoo into our hair, and put on our faces, toothpaste, shampoo and cosmetics that have toxins. Did you ever look at the back of your toothpaste? Read the fine print, where it says, "If you accidentally swallow, contact your poison control center immediately." I mean, I don't know about you, but how do you put something in your mouth and not swallow it? This is ludicrous. We shampoo our hair and our kid's hair with toxic chemicals that are the same ones that go into lighter fluid and other harmful chemicals. Then, we put cosmetics on our skin and skin care products that are full of toxins. We put deodorant and anti-perspirant on that contain heavy metals and toxins. All of these things can contribute to our toxic burden. One of them individually is not going to kill you, but, overall, they burden your body and cause disease in the long run. We need to improve our environment; we need to reduce toxins in our environment.

THE MAKER'S DIET has a resource guide, listing 268 companies that supply everything from healthy food to supplements, household cleaners, fabrics, air purifiers and water purifiers. This book is not only a guide to 40 days that will change your life, but it is a consumer report of natural foods and natural skin care and cosmetics. It's a way of life, and we give it to you all in this one book. The fifth key to unlocking your health potential is to reduce toxins in your environment.

FABRY: You've talked about this being a holistic approach. This is not just about eating one type of food or taking one pill or anything like that. You've talked about it being for the whole person. This sixth key really embodies that.

RUBIN: Even if you do all the other ones and you leave this out, you're never, ever going to be healthy. It is to live a life with purpose. There was a great book written, and it's still going strong today, called THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE. The subtitle is "What on earth am I here for?" In the book, Dr. Rick Warren says that the number one question people ask when they're polled, the number one question people ask themselves when they are alone, is "What on earth am I here for?" People all over the world, all ages. "What was I created to do that is unique? Why am I different? What can I contribute to the world?" That is what people ask. Everybody out there says, "What's my purpose? What is God's will for me? What am I supposed to do?" There's an easy way to find it. I heard a great saying… Find your passion. Then, you'll know your talent that gives you the power to live your purpose. If you find your passion, what drives you, what makes you tick, then you'll know your talent, because we are usually good at what we like. Then that gives you the power. That gives you the ability to live your purpose. God created us to make a difference.

I heard another great message, and this is a statement and a prayer that I want everybody to repeat and to take to heart. I believe health is the number one thing on this earth in the physical realm. Without it, we can't have anything and nothing is worth it. We need to exemplify health, and we need to be around for our families. We need to contribute. I believe today that all of us should have this statement and this prayer: I want to do something that makes a difference in life. I want to make a difference with people who want to make a difference. I want to make a difference with others that believe just as I do, and I want to do something. I want to be part of something bigger, doing something that makes a difference.

In my life, I am helping people get healthy which helps them accomplish their purpose. For me, I'm doing something that makes a difference with people that make a difference. And, we want to do it at a time that it makes a difference. Timing is absolutely everything. John Maxwell, the great leadership expert, said this, "The difference between a long home run and a foul ball is timing." I want to make a difference with people who want to make a difference, doing something that makes a difference at a time that it makes a difference. I want to challenge everyone listening to not just take charge of your own health, but also get your friends and family members the information that can literally save their lives. I promise you this: You will never make a better decision than to give God the next 40 days of your life to be in physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health.

To learn more about Jordan Rubin or his book, THE MAKER'S DIET, visit For more information about this interview, visit or call 800-927-0517, ext. 106.

© Copyright 2004, First Edition. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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June 2004

FIRST EDITION recently conducted a third interview with Jordan Rubin, author of THE MAKER'S DIET, which debuted as #9 on the New York Times Bestseller List the first week of publication. Biblical health coach Jordan Rubin is a doctor of naturopathic medicine, a certified nutritional consultant and a member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine. More information about Rubin and THE MAKER'S DIET can be obtained from


FABRY: This is another in a series of discussions with Jordan Rubin about his best-selling book, THE MAKER'S DIET. A few years ago he was diagnosed with a debilitating and life-threatening disease. He tried everything - every type of treatment - but it wasn't until he took control of his health and went back to what he calls a "primitive diet" that he started to see results. Now, his approach has been distilled into an easy-to-read book titled THE MAKER'S DIET: The 40-Day Health Experience That Will Change Your Life Forever.

Judging from the fact that you are #12 on the New York Times Bestseller List and in the top 100 at Amazon, I think it's pretty clear that people are hungry for what you've written.

RUBIN: There's no doubt in my mind that the quest for health has never been as powerful in this country as it is right now. 60% of our neighbors are overweight, 30% are obese, and one out of every three children that are born after the year 2000 are at risk of developing diabetes. Cancer, heart disease, and every major illness are on the rise. People are hungry for information. They are DYING for this information. Ten years ago when I was in my own life-threatening struggle with an illness, I remember feeling that nobody realizes what it is like to lose their health until they actually do. I determined then that I was going to devote the rest of my life to helping people overcome sickness and disease or helping those who are healthy stay that way by unlocking these timeless
secrets that have been right at our fingertips all along, but we have ignored.

I think that if you ask people today about their number one fear, I would bet that it has a lot to do with suffering from a health problem - not just dying from a disease, but the suffering and the agony that goes along with it. When I got well, the next day and for the last 8˝ years, I have devoted my life to helping find ways for people to implement lifestyle dietary exercise strategies into their lives. THE MAKER'S DIET is really a combination of everything I've learned, all of my experiences, and really all that I am. In its first month out, it has really made a difference in people's lives. It's a book that doesn't just give you information, doesn't just teach you health principles, but it gives you ways to apply it into your life, so that the day you start reading it, you can begin to make changes that will really last a lifetime.

FABRY: You know, that gives you a great responsibility to give people the information in such a way that it doesn't sound like a "magic pill," because you're not saying that it is, right? People have the responsibility to take charge of their own health, don't they?

RUBIN: Absolutely. It's not an easy thing to accomplish. I am very much against the "magic pill" theory, because to be healthy I have identified four things that you really need to have. Number 1 is motivation. Wherever you are, whether you're driving in your car or whether you're in your home, you need to know that you're unhappy with where you are and that you want to change. Now, if you could pick anything, what would you like to change about your health in 40 days? Are you motivated enough to get started? Secondly, you need good information. You need to become educated, informed and empowered. Once you have the right information, you need to have faith in that information. When I had tried everything, when medicine failed, when alternatives failed, I lost hope. But when I realized that there was a plan in the Bible for my health and that, not only would it help me get well but it would give me my life's mission, I had faith that that information was going to change my life. So, we need faith in the information. And, then, we need the most important component - discipline. I refer to myself as a coach. What a coach does, if you take football for example, is spend time with his players and teach them everything he's learned - his victories and his failures. He can show them the playbook. They need to understand and believe in him and his playbook. But, once the game starts and he hands someone the ball to go between the white lines, it's totally up to them.

So, you need to have motivation, you need to have the right information, you need to have faith, and you need to have discipline. If you don't have those, then don't even start THE MAKER'S DIET. But if you're ready to make a change, if you know that you are not happy with what you see in the mirror, and you're not happy with how you feel and you're ready to take the next step, THE MAKER'S DIET is for you. (Maybe you're not sick, but you're just not well. Many people are not thriving; they are just surviving.) But nothing that is as important as good health is earned easily. You've got to fight for it, and that is what we are here to talk about today.

FABRY: In the last month, you have been going to different programs and doing the morning shows on TV and radio. What has been the media's response to this?

RUBIN: The media's response has been interesting. I think that God was so gracious to me in timing, because I wrote this book about 20 months ago. Right before this book launched, what will be the #1 movie of all time, The Passion of the Christ, really opened people's eyes and hearts to a faith-based message (and another Left Behind book came back and hit the top of the charts, too). That combined with the fact that dieting is just so popular right now made this perfect.

Now, there have been some detractors. What I would like to say is that everybody who reads this or sees this message either absolutely loves it or wants nothing to do with it. The detractors have basically been armed with misinformation. I'll do an interview, and someone will come along that hasn't even read the book and say, "People in the Bible only lived to 35 years of age" or give some other misinformation. Overall, the response from people, everyone from Good Morning America to Fox and Friends to Newsweek to People Magazine has been great.

I think people are ready to take a truly holistic approach to physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. How can we connect body, mind, and spirit? They want to know not just what foods to eat, but they believe now that our environment has some toxins and can be toxic to us. They believe that the quality of food does make a difference. This approach is appealing to everybody from the most ardent health nut to the biblical theologian and everybody in between.


FABRY: Our Q & A today is with Jordan Rubin, author of THE MAKER'S DIET, the health plan that is based on the Bible and proven by science. After winning his battle with Crohn's colitis, a disease that initially was diagnosed as incurable for him, Jordan has devoted his life to developing solutions to help those who suffer as he did by educating on ways to naturally and nutritionally overcome health challenges. THE MAKER'S DIET is available at bookstores everywhere or online at

RUBIN: is really a one-stop shop for all the information you need to know about the program: the three phases that are on THE MAKER'S DIET, sample recipes, ways to get the foods that we discuss, the latest news and also where I'm going to be speaking or appearing in the media in the next couple of weeks.

FABRY: Let me read a couple of reviews from readers that I pulled down off of a website. I think you'll be excited about this. If you go to buy a book at one of the retailers on line, you will see these different reviews and the different stars. Listen to this: "At first I was skeptical about this book. I've read many other diet books and none of them worked for me. There is something about the combination of mind, body, spirit and health that appealed to me. Although I don't consider myself a religious person, and the idea of this diet being based on the Bible somehow frightens me, I am drawn to the ideas and knowledge Jordan Rubin offers in this book. I'm normally not a reader and very rarely finish a book, but I cannot put this one down. Being the skeptic I am, I looked for reasons for a motive for him to write this book that is not pure. I realize it is really none of my business what his motives are, agreeable or disagreeable to me. If people can be helped by reading and learning what he has to say, good has been done. At least, now I have hope that I can become the healthy person I would like to be." And here's the last sentence of this review from someone who, remember, is scared of thinking about the Bible and spiritual things. The last phrase of this book is, "A blessing." What do you think of that, Jordan?

RUBIN: I think it's great, because my mission really encompasses a few things. Number one: I do want to change the health of this church, of our church at large, one life at a time. I want to spread the message of health and hope to God's people. But I also want to share the message with everybody. If you meet people's needs, if you show them how to be healthy, if you aid them physically, they're going to want to know why. They're going to want to know the God you serve. When I go out to churches and other ministries, my message is entitled, "Why God's People Need to Present Their Bodies as a Living Sacrifice" (Romans 12:1 - as our spiritual act of worship). I ask people, I ask Christians, are you presenting your bodies as a living sacrifice?

FABRY: So this really is holistic. It's not just what you put into your body. There's so much more - your relationship with God, your relationship with others. The exercise that you do, the music that you listen to - it's all in here.

RUBIN: There's never really been a health plan that has put it all together. And that's always frustrated me, because I've been to the best doctors and I've read the best books, but it was always just one portion of truth. I was finally determined to put it all together. I wasn't going to leave any stone unturned. Obviously, I can't explain every single facet of health in its entirety, but I want people to realize that there are all these components to health. You're never going to find your miracle cure in a bottle of anything - drugs or supplements. But what you can do is take a proactive approach to your health and begin to feel better and to change your life in just 40 days. You do it by building habits.

FABRY: One more review. "Great book and diet," the writer says. "Jordan has got it all right. I've already done the first phase of the 40-day health experience, as he calls it, and I feel great. I've lost 30 pounds, but most important, I feel amazing. I recommend anyone who wants to feel better physically and emotionally, to try doing this diet. It sure works." That's got to be music to your ears, too.

RUBIN: It has been absolutely gratifying. As we've taken nearly a thousand people in various ministries, churches, organizations, clubs, and corporations through the plan and charted their progress, it is really great when we see somebody who says, "I never realized how important health was. I wasn't really sick, but I feel so great now. A fog it seems has lifted off my brain. I'm sleeping better. I cope with stress better. Yeah, I've lost a few pounds, but now I know how much God cares about my health, and I'm ready not only to change my health, but I'm ready to spread this message to others." And we see it time and time again - lives being changed. Some people come into this 40-day plan really ill, like I was, and they say they are better from this or that health problem. Because the majority of people are not debilitated with illness, we don't report a lot of those cases, but you have the framework and the opportunity to have a life-changing health experience by going on this plan. The question I ask people is this: If you don't start THE MAKER'S DIET 40-day health experience tomorrow, and do this for the next 40 days, what are you going to do? What are you going to do? You're going to do nothing. You are going to be the same or worse in 40 days. I'm just tired of sitting and standing by while people are not living, but they're slowly dying.

FABRY: I'm struck by something that Jesus said, "I've come that they might have life and have it abundantly." I think that's really what God wants for us, and that's what you want for us in a healthy physical way as well as spiritually. But most people don't really know what life is. They've never really experienced a health like you're talking about, I think.

RUBIN: It amazes me that we who feel like we have connected with God in relationship with Him spiritually pay so little attention to our physical health. It continuously amazes me that if you spend a lot of money to buy something - like an automobile or a house or a big-screen TV - you're going to take extra special care of it. If it's an automobile, you're going to follow the manufacturer's manual, you're going to wax it, you're going to garage it, you're going to put the right fuel in, you're going to detail it, because you spent a lot of money for it and it's valuable to you. God paid the greatest price for us, not just for eternity but also on earth as it is in heaven. He gave us the best. He said, "I give you these commandments. If you follow them and listen to them, I will put none of the diseases upon you." He says, "I have spoken My word and healed your diseases." He says, "I will restore health unto you and heal your wounds." And He says, "It is My desire for you to be in good health and prosper even as your soul prospers." He's given us the best. Why are we examples of the worst?


FABRY: Jordan Rubin is the author of such books as Restoring Your Digestive Health: The Guts and Glory Program That Can Transform Your Life and Patient Health Thyself. His latest is THE MAKER'S DIET: The 40-Day Health Experience That Will Change Your Life Forever. Jordan is a doctor of naturopathic medicine, a certified nutritional consultant and the founder of Garden of Life, a company devoted to developing nutriceutical formulations. THE MAKER'S DIET is available right now at bookstores and online retailers everywhere. If you would like to find out more about Rubin or the diet, you can go to

The last time you were with us you talked about six keys to our health, and you've added one key since then. Tell us about that.

RUBIN: In our quest for health, we've always talked about this balance between body, mind and spirit. I have shared with people six keys that will unlock their health potential.
All of us have this amazing health potential, but we are not utilizing it. Maybe it's on the other side of the door, but we just can't get through that door. So, I'm handing people keys that they can use to change their lives.

The first key is to eat a healthy diet, which seems simple but it's confusing. There are all kinds of diets out there. One day something's great; the next day it will kill you. Eat a healthy diet based on what God created for food, and eat food in a form that is healthy for the body. The second key is to supplement your healthy diet with whole food nutritional supplements. If you're going to take supplements, make sure you're supplementing with food. The third key is to practice advanced hygiene. It's a form of biblical medicine that can stop the ill effects that germs and toxins have on the body. The fourth key, which people have a really tough time with, is to condition your body with exercise and body therapies. Exercise the way the body was designed every day. Get exercise. Get proper sleep. Utilize the miraculous effects and benefits of fasting. The fifth key is to reduce toxins in your personal environment. What's the quality of water you drink and bathe in? What kind of air are you breathing in? What are you putting on your skin and hair? What are you brushing your teeth with? These things can make you healthier, or they can contribute toxins to the body. The seventh key (which was the sixth) is to live a life with purpose. A person without purpose is like a lamp not plugged into the outlet.

And the sixth key that I've added, which is so important, is to avoid deadly emotions. Now, I have been spending a lot of time researching the detrimental effects that negative emotions have, like anger, fear, anxiety, stress, and unforgiveness. I realized that when people have these negative emotions, they are contributing the same toxins to their bodies as eating junk food would. People may eat well, they may supplement, they may exercise, they may practice advanced hygiene, but they stay angry all the time, they harbor unforgiveness, and they're vengeful. I can challenge people with a simple, practical way to practice forgiveness. I tell people when I'm sharing with them to write down a person's name that they have unforgiveness towards and then write, "I forgive so-and-so for ________." Forgive that person for every time that they've hurt you. Sometimes the emotions will well up, and you'll remember what they've done, but there's just something amazing about forgiveness. It's the same as if you took a 100 lb. weight off your chest. When you harbor unforgiveness, it hurts you. It doesn't hurt the person you're angry with, but it literally can destroy you. As the Bible says, "A merry heart doeth like medicine, but bitterness can rot the bones." We need to get this off of our chests.

I oftentimes say that deadly emotions like anger, fear, and unforgiveness can damage your immune system and shut it down for six hours. Eating sugar can do the same thing. It prevents your immune system from being healthy for six hours. So, all of you who this morning were angry while eating your Danish, your whole day was ruined.

FABRY: That's another kind of diet that we're on. We're on the standard American diet, which you call "sad." We have that Danish or donut or coffee in the morning. And that diet is killing us. But, if what you are saying is true, if all of this anger and resentment and bitterness can affect our bodies, then it would be a good thing for us to get rid of it. The problem is that people don't know how to do that. And simply writing a name on a piece of paper may be a volitional act, but it really has got to get down into our hearts, doesn't it? That's what you are trying to do.

RUBIN: That's correct. I think that when you are trying to do this practical application, people don't want to do it. They think they're not angry at anybody, or they don't have unforgiveness. But you would be amazed at what happens when you write down, "My dad." And then you say, "I forgive him for this and this and this." I'll tell you, God honors that, because He commands us to live in forgiveness. And that simple, practical application does make a huge, huge difference. You're forced to deal with it. God can help you. Unforgiveness is lethal to us. It's absolutely lethal. Don't bother trying to get healthy if you are angry and resentful towards people and want revenge on them.

FABRY: I promised I would ask this before we left, and that's about our children. I would think that doing something about the anger, resentment and bitterness would be a great legacy for our kids, too.

RUBIN: Absolutely. One thing that the Bible is very clear on: Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train a child in the way that he should go so that when he is old, he'll not depart from it." The way to leave a health legacy is not just to tell your kids how to eat; it's to model it. Parents are frustrated and say, "My kids don't eat vegetables; they only eat junk food! All they want to do it drink soda and eat pizza, hot dogs, and donuts!" You know what, Mom and Dad? You need to model a health legacy. As a mother of a family or a father for that matter, the high priest of the household, if you're not taking care of your family's health, you're going to pay and you're going to reap what you sow. And it's such a shame. I see children with cancer today. I see overweight, obese, diabetic kids. I see asthma, allergies, digestive problems, in kids as well as with the adults. But the children are so ill. Their diet and lifestyle are so backwards. Parents that are listening, please, take the step of faith. Follow the 40-day health experience that is THE MAKER'S DIET. Live it, share it and model it, and you can begin, one by one, a health revolution that will change the health of this world one life at a time.

To learn more about Jordan Rubin or his book, THE MAKER'S DIET, visit For more information about this interview, visit or call 800-927-0517, ext. 106.

To learn more about Jordan Rubin or his book, THE MAKER'S DIET, visit For more information about this interview, visit or call 800-927-0517, ext. 106.

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