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Elizabeth Musser



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Elizabeth Musser


Elizabeth Musser, author of the highly acclaimed novel The Swan House, is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, who writes what she calls "entertainment with a soul." She received her B.A. in English and French from Vanderbilt University, where she was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and graduated magna cum laude. While at Vanderbilt, she spent a semester abroad in France --- and that semester would change her life. After graduating she went back overseas for two years, where she met her husband, Paul. In 1989 she and her husband returned to Southern France.

It was this unique location that gave her the inspiration for her first novel. Living in the south of France, she met many people who had lived through the Algerian War for Independence from France, either as French citizens, military or Algerians. After interviewing these people and visiting historic French sites, her first novel, Two Crosses, was published in 1996. This book launched her Franco-Algerian trilogy, which takes place during this war (1957-1962). Two Testaments and Two Destinies round out the trilogy, which was translated into Dutch, German, and Norwegian and has been a bestseller in Europe.

Yet Elizabeth is best known for her novel The Swan House (2001), not only hailed as "excellent writing" by Publishers Weekly but was also an Amazon top pick, an ABA and SEBA bestseller, and a Book Sense bestseller in the Southeast. She followed that with the sequel The Dwelling Place (2005), which was richly received by readers and critics alike.

Searching for Eternity is her sixth novel. She and Paul still live in Southern France with their two sons, Andrew and Christopher. Visit for more details.

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