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Larry Jones


Larry Jones is America’s answer to Mother Teresa. As founder of Feed The Children, one of the nation’s largest private charities, he remains the driving force behind the daily feeding, medication, or clothing of 1.5 million children spanning the globe. At 67 years old, Jones still oversees the worldwide outreach hands-on, just as he did with the charity’s first shipment of food abroad in 1979. He has braved Bosnian gunfire to attend war refugees, navigated around debris at the World Trade Center to minister to the needs of rescue workers, held Africa’s dying in his arms, and returned to plead the case of the hungry and dispossessed before Congress. All the while, he has provided leadership and guidance for employees, hundreds of thousands of volunteers, and the management of one of America’s most expansive long-distance truck fleets. Jones --- who is also a Bachelor of Divinity --- has received numerous awards for his charity work, including the Humanitarian Award from the National Conference of Christians and Jews. He is the author of several non-fiction books, including BEND WITHOUT BREAKING and LIFE’S INTERRUPTIONS—GOD’S OPPORTUNITIES, as well as the novel BLACK BOX. He lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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