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Dr. David E. James IV


Dr. David E. James IV was born into poverty in a small Midwestern town. His childhood home was like a war zone, characterized by parental arguments that sometimes turned violent. Sexually molested at ages six and twelve, his earliest memories were marked by turmoil. This environmental influence solidified the low self esteem that was already apparent and led to his dysfunctional gender emotional development. Since academics was the one area of his life in which young David experienced success, he left home after high school to pursue a career in medicine.

To the outside world, it would seem that he had left the wounds of his childhood far behind him. He became a respected physician, a friend to many, a husband, and a father. But beneath this successful veneer, the old wounds continued to ache. For many years he suffered serious bouts of depression and suicidal tendencies, symptoms of the secret pain of his dysfunctional history. After multiple failed attempts to rise above his un-reconciled past, he was ultimately driven to true emotional healing by personal tragedy and an honest search for spiritual and scientific truths concerning the questions of human suffering.

Married and a father of three, he currently practices as a full time internist while using his discovery of spiritual truth in conjunction with his medical knowledge to pursue a writing career on the health of the human spirit.

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