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David C. Gibbs III


In 2003, Bob and Mary Schindler approached David Gibbs, asking him for help in fighting for their daughter’s life.  Even though it seemed the case was “pretty much over” due to previous litigation, David took the case pro bono and thus began both a legal and personal journey that would ignite America.

The first time David saw Terri, it changed his view of the case altogether.  He was surprised to see “how animated and engaging she was—she laughed and demonstrated life, love and affection to her parents.  I truly believed she wanted to live.”

The Schindlers also approached David about writing this book: “After Terri died, Bob and Mary asked me to tell what really happened—specifically the tragedy of this landmark case—so that many others would be spared a similar fate.”

David Gibbs is an attorney with the Gibbs Law Firm based in Tampa, Florida.  He received his law degree from Duke University.  He is also the author of FIGHTING FOR DEAR LIFE, which tells the untold story of Terri Schiavo’s fight to live.  As a popular public speaker, David is a great communicator and speaks on complex public policy issues.  His radio program, The Legal Alert, is heard on more than 1,000 stations daily, and he is a frequent spokesperson on major news and talk shows, including Larry King Live, Fox & Friends, Hannity & Colmes, The Michael Reagan Show and Face the Nation.  David, his wife and their children make their home near Tampa, Florida.

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