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Jim Daly


When Jim Daly was asked to consider accepting the position of President of Focus on the Family, one of his first thoughts was, “You’ve got the wrong guy. There’s been a mistake. I’ve experienced so much dysfunction and pain. What could I possibly have to offer?” Reflecting on his tumultuous childhood and the way his broken life has been restored, Jim considers himself living proof that “with God all things are possible.”

Jim’s “normal” childhood lasted only four years. He was the fifth and last son of alcoholic parents, a mother who had successfully managed her addiction and a father who fell off the wagon when Jim was four years old. His father’s decision to return to the bottle impacted the family forever. His parents divorced, and Jim and his siblings were first dominated and then abandoned by an overbearing stepfather when their mother died of colon cancer when Jim was only nine years old. He spent the rest of his childhood and adolescence desperately searching in vain for “home” --- a place where some adult would love and support him. By the time Jim graduated high school, he had been “parented” briefly by a succession of caregivers including a bizarre and unstable foster family, his biological father (whose alcohol abuse led to his early death), and several of his siblings and had lived in a total of twenty-three different houses or apartments.

Jim’s spiritual life and his success as a husband and a professional have been guided by the influence of his mother and a few mentors who have invested themselves in his life --- his high school football coach and the husband of a close family friend. These men provided the leadership and the example he had desperately yearned for as a young boy. As the father of two sons, Jim is now passing these lessons down to the next generation of men.

Jim is a graduate of California State University, San Bernardino, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1984. During his senior year of study, he took part in a foreign studies program and lived with a family in Japan, attending Waseda University in Tokyo. It was during this time abroad that he studied Japanese business and culture and learned the Japanese language. This experience enabled him to discover his love and affinity for international relations. In 1997, he completed his MBA in International Business at Regis University.

Jim joined the Focus on the Family staff in March 1989, accepting the position of Assistant to the President in the ministry’s Public Affairs division. He has served in a variety of positions with the organization, including: International Field Director for Asia, Africa, and Australia, Vice President of the International Division, Vice President of Marketing and Vice President of Public Affairs. He was promoted to Group Vice President. In this capacity, Daly was responsible for directing the strategic path of the organization. Additionally, in November 2004 Daly was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer, followed by his most recent assignment in February 2005 to the role of President and CEO.

Jim has been married to his wife, Jean, since 1986. They have two young sons, Trenton and Troy. The Daly family resides in Colorado Springs.

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